Who Are We

Horizon Holdings, LLC is a private investment firm with a long-term investment horizon and an investment philosophy that is based on the goal of building valuable and enjoyable partnerships with talented and motivated business operators who lead the companies in which we invest. In contrast to other investment firms, we are not in the business of pursuing sharp elbowed win/lose outcomes, financial engineering, or endless analysis that lacks real world application. Since our founding in 1989, we have acquired or made investments in sixteen companies in the recreational product, food, beverage and consumer product categories. Over our history, we have exited only two of our investments, including one outright sale of a business that we grew meaningfully for thirteen years and another that very successfully went public and is now listed on the NASDAQ exchange.

Entities that normally are the best fit for us have revenue between $10 million and $150 million, are based in North America and are in the manufacturing, distribution or service sectors with either an industrial or consumer focus.

Because Horizon invests primarily its own capital and sometimes that from a small group of family offices and high net worth individuals with whom we have long-standing relationships, and strictly maintains an unusually long-term and patient investment focus, it has significant flexibility in the types and structures of investments it makes. In addition, because we and our investors have founded or grown businesses like our partners who operate the business in which we invest, we understand what it takes to operate a business in today’s climate and appreciate that successful investments almost always have ups and downs over time. Our approach is user friendly, individualized and non-institutional by design. Once an acquisition is consummated, we aim to manage the investment with a healthy combination of rigorous focus on growth in revenue and profitability to build equity value and a warm, personal style filled with good humor and patience.